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Released On 1/24/2012 8:55:00 AM For wk1/21, 2012
Store Sales Y/Y change2.8 %2.5 %

The weekly store sales reports are reporting substantial slowing so far in January but against strong December indications that were not confirmed by what turned out to be a soft December retail sales report from the government. Redbook's year-on-year same-store sales rate fell three tenths in the January 21 week to plus 2.5 percent, less than half of Redbook's peak rate in December of 5.3 percent. Month-to-month, Redbook's data point to a 1.6 percent drop that indicates significant weakness for the government's ex-auto ex-gas category. Both Redbook and ICSC-Goldman say heavy weather has been holding down sales so far this month.

A weekly measure of comparable store sales at chain stores, discounters, and department stores. It is a less consistent indicator of retail sales than the weekly ICSC-Goldman index. It is also calculated differently than other indicators. For instance, figures for the first week of the month are compared with the average for the entire previous month. When two weeks are available, then these are compared with the average for the previous month, and so on through the month. It might be more useful to compare year-over-year figures since these are indeed compared to the comparable week a year ago. This index is correlated with the general merchandise portion of retail sales covering about 10 percent of total retail sales.  Why Investors Care

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