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Fed Balance Sheet  
Released On 12/8/2011 4:30:00 PM For wk12/7, 2011
Total Assets - Weekly Change$-7.8 B$6.4 B
Reserve Bank credit - Weekly Change$-15.1 B$4.7 B

The Fed's balance sheet for the December 7 week expanded $6.4 billion after declining $7.8 billion the prior period. The boost in the latest week was led by a $3.7 billion increase in "other assets" (largely those denominated in foreign currencies). Holdings of Treasuries gained $3.0 billion after rising $7.2 billion the week before. Total assets for the December 7 week rose to $2.823 trillion.

Reserve Bank credit for the December 7 week rebounded $4.7 billion, following a $15.1 billion fall the week before.

Note: Total assets in the Fed's H.4.1 report are Wednesday levels while Reserve Bank credit is an average of daily figures for the week ending on the same Wednesday. Changes in total assets are from Wednesday to Wednesday while changes in Reserve Bank credit are for weekly averages.

The Fed's balance sheet is a report showing factors supplying reserves into the banking system and factors absorbing (using) reserve funds. Essentially, the balance sheet shows the various Fed programs for injecting liquidity into the economy and how much the Fed has used each for adding or withdrawing reserves. This report is called Factors Affecting Reserve Balances - otherwise known as the "H.4.1" report.  Why Investors Care

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