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ICSC-Goldman Store Sales  
Released On 4/14/2009 7:45:00 AM For wk4/11, 2009
Store Sales - W/W change0.6 %0.8 %
Store Sales - Y/Y-0.3 %-0.4 %

Sales trends are starting to show improvement according to ICSC-Goldman's report which shows a 0.8 percent gain in the April 11 week for a year-on-year pace of -0.4 percent. The year-on-year trend has moved to the low negative single digits over the past three weeks, much better than earlier rates this year including back-to-back -1.4 percent rates in mid-March. Retail sales for March will be posted by the Commerce Department at 8:30 ET this morning with Redbook's report for the April 11 week at 8:55.

This weekly measure of comparable store sales at major retail chains, published by the International Council of Shopping Centers, is related to the general merchandise portion of retail sales. It accounts for roughly 10 percent of total retail sales.  Why Investors Care

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